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What can God Do with Ordinary Men?


Ordinary Life

What can the military do with Ordinary Young men?

How many of you knew everything you needed to know about the military before you enlisted?

What did you learn about the military?

What were some of the things that you had to do before you could graduate and become a warrior?

After you became a warrior were you ready for service?

What else did you have to do before you were able to be a bonafid true warrior?

Think of what the military was able to do with you in a short amount of time, and then for those who made a career out of it the true warriors understand that it is the process of becoming.

So what can God do with an ordinary man?


A child born of slaves, murderer and given to fits of rage (Moses)

A person who lacked confidence in his ability to rule (King Saul)

A runt (David)

A dreamer (Joseph)

The servant and follower of Moses (Joshua)

The impulsive one (Peter)

The mean and overzealous one (Paul)

So what can God do with you?

What gifts has He given you?

What is your purpose?

What training has He put you through?

Did you graduate?

Are you really ready for the role of warrior?

What have you learned about your role as warrior?

How’s your weapons?

Do you have a full complement of arms to deal with your adversary?

Are you skill in using the provided weapons that you have?

How are you at close order combat?

Do you really know how to use your shield

Are you skilled at using your sword

How well verse are you in using the spear

Those shoes of the gospel, have you led someone to Christ, or told someone about the good news of Jesus?

The Breastplate is it intact and ready for an attack of the enemy

How’s your belt, is it too tight or just right?

Wait, are you saved and know what that means? Do you even have the helmet on?

Are you anointed and fill with the gift of the Holy Spirit?

Do you see the evidence of His work in your life?  Ordinary to extraordinary!  In other words able to accomplish God’s tasks with Gods help.


A Good Reputation

Proverbs 22:1
Choose a good reputation over great riches; being held in high esteem is better than silver or gold

Reputation defined:


  1. the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something.
    “his reputation was tarnished by allegations that he had taken bribes”
  • a widespread belief that someone or something has a particular habit or characteristic.
    “his knowledge of his subject earned him a reputation as an expert”

Antonyms: discreditdisrepute
Ref. From <http://englishthesaurus.net/antonym/reputation

So the Lord was with Joshua, and his reputation spread throughout the land Joshua 6:27 

They rejoice all day long in your wonderful reputation. They exult in your righteousness Ps. 89:16 

A person who plans evil will get a reputation as a troublemaker Pr. 24:8

Others may accuse you or gossip, and you will never regain your good reputation Pr. 25:10

Through their faith, the people in days of old earned a good reputation Heb. 11:2

Then you will find favor with both God and people, and you will earn a good reputation Pr. 3:4

A good reputation is more valuable than costly perfume. And the day you die is better than the day you are born Eccl. 7:1

Ten Avoidable Ways To Ruin Your Reputation


I write about bringing life to work and bringing work to life.  

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

  • People don’t realize that reputations stick around for a long time. I didn’t realize it, either. I’m amazed now when someone says “Hi Liz! We met at such-and-such a conference in Chicago in 1989.”
  • People will remember you, especially people you work with directly.
  • They’ll remember you by the things you said and did and the things you didn’t say and didn’t do.
  • Nobody sets out to build a reputation as a con artist, a lightweight, a false friend or a person you can’t rely on — yet people get these reputations every day.
  • Once you have an unfortunate reputation, it can be hard to shake it.
  • I’ve heard that you have to repeat an altered or new behavior — let’s say, calling your friend back when you promise to rather than not calling him back the way you always used to do — at least ten times before your friends will believe the New You is real.
  • If you’ve established a name for yourself that is not the name you’d like plastered on your forehead, getting back to neutral requires lots of breathing, careful repetition of the New You behaviors you want to showcase, and above all patience with  yourself and others.

Here are ten regrettable and avoidable ways to ruin your reputation by accident: 

1. Burn a bridge and then ignore it or pretend it didn’t happen.

2. Ease your own anxiety by talking about other people all the time.

3. Mixing business and social relationships to an excessive degree and losing your perspective about it.

4. Using poor judgment at work or in social settings with your workmates, or taking advantage of every professional event to get drunk.

5. Being two-faced: saying one thing to one person and the complete opposite to someone else.

6. Blaming other people for your mistakes or being out of the room whenever problems are being discussed.

7. Taking credit for other people’s work.

8. Ratting out your fellow employees to your manager. Promising to keep confidences and then doing just the opposite.

9. Pretending to be the supervisor when you’re not a supervisor, and bossing people around.

10. Generally treating people badly at work when you are cross, or all the time.

Ref. From <https://www.forbes.com/sites/lizryan/2016/09/18/ten-avoidable-ways-to-ruin-your-reputation/#5748a3b72618>

Proverbs 21 – Holy Heart Exam

Hello everyone, it is the 21st day of the month and today we will be looking at chapter 21 of Proverbs.

After praying and reading this chapter I found myself focusing on verses 2 and 3.  It states, “People may be right in their own eyes, but the LORD examines their heart.  The LORD is more pleased when we do what is right and just than when we offer him sacrifices.”


Theme:  Holy Heart Examination

Key Learning: Right in their own eyes, and doing what is right and just key2success

Right in their own eyes people:

  • haughty eyes, a proud heart, and evil actions
  • hasty shortcuts
  • wealth created by a lying tongue
  • violence of the wicked
  • those who refuse to do what is just
  • the guilty who walk crooked paths
  • a quarrelsome  complaining wife
  • evil people who desire evil
  • those who shut their ears to the cries of the poor
  • evildoers who are terrified by justice
  • those who stray from common sense
  • those who love pleasure
  • those who love wine and luxury
  • fools who spend whatever they get
  • the strong whose trust is in their fortress
  • those who do not watch their tongue
  • mockers who are proud haughty, and act with boundless arrogance
  • the lazy who refuse to work
  • those who are greedy for more
  • the evil person who offers a sacrifice with wrong motives
  • a false witness
  • the wicked who bluff their way through
  • those who think that human wisdom or understanding can stand against the LORD

Doing what is right and just people:

  • those who do good planning and work hard
  • the innocent who travel a straight road
  • the wise who are easily instructed
  • those who understand the value of a secret gift
  • the godly who gain great joy from justice
  • the godly trade places with the wicked who will receive the punishment
  • the honest who trade places with the traitors for the good
  • the wise have wealth and luxury
  • those who find life by pursuing righteousness and unfailing love
  • the wise who conquer the city of the strong
  • those who watch their tongue and keep their mouth shut
  • the godly who love to give
  • those who are credible witnesses
  • the virtuous who think before they act (see the virtuous post)
  • those who understand that no human wisdom or understanding or plan can stand against the LORD


  1. When God examines your heart, does he find that you may be right in your own eyes?
  2. Do you offer the LORD sacrifices, while not doing what is right and just?
  3. As God does his examination of your heart, is he apt to find a proud heart and evil actions?
  4. Have you been plagued by hasty shortcuts and notice that poverty is sneaking up on you?
  5. Have you created wealth with a lying tongue and then wonder why it seems to be vanishing?
  6. Have you notice that the wicked seem to be swept away lately?
  7. Ever notice the neighbors of evil people never get mercy from these folks?
  8. Did you know that the Righteous One knows what is going on in the homes of the wicked?
  9. Do you want to be ignored in your time of need?
  10. Have you shut your ears to the cries of the poor lately?

Nuggets of Gold:

  • The king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the LORD; he guides it wherever he pleases
  • The Righteous One knows what is going on in the homes of the wicked; he will bring disaster on them
  • Justice is a joy to the godly, but it terrifies evildoers
  • The person who strays from common sense will end up in the company of the dead.
  • The wicked are punished in place of the godly, and traitors in place of the honest
  • Watch your tongue and keep your mouth shut, and you will stay out of trouble
  • No human wisdom or understanding or plan can stand against the LORD
  • The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD

As you review this list more than once, I hope you will began to see that being right in your own eyes can cost you dearly.

Please read this chapter more than once and then ask the LORD to help you to really understand what it is that he is saying to us and then begin praying for application the “Doing what is Right and Just,” you will be much better off.

1eb7be86834c351f00d84c3db9cf2346   So, it’s Prayer Time!


Proverbs 18 – Strong Fortress the godly run to

Good Morning on this 18th day of the month.  I will be sharing my thoughts on the 18th Chapter of Proverbs today.


We will focus on verse 10 which states, “The name of the LORD is a strong fortress; the godly run to him and are safe.”

Theme:  Strong fortress the godly run to!

So why would the godly need to run to the LORD in this chapter?  Could it be because of the people around them?

Key Learning: Run from those who throw caution to the wind key2success

What Is it that the godly need to be kept safe from?

They need to be kept safe from:

  • Unfriendly people who care only about themselves
  • Those who lash out at common sense
  • Fools who have no interest in understanding
  • Those who only want to air their own opinions
  • Those who are disgrace by doing wrong
  • Those who bring contempt by their scandalous behavior
  • Those who acquit the guilty or deny justice to the innocent
  • The  constant quarrels of fools
  • Fools who trap themselves with their own foolish lips
  • Those who allow the dainty morsels of rumors to sink deep into their hearts
  • A lazy person who is as bad as someone who destroys things
  • The rich who think that their wealth is a strong defense
  • People who are haughty and are headed for destruction
  • Those who spout off before listening to the facts
  • Those with crushed spirits
  • An offended friend
  • Arguments that separate friends
  • Those who love to talk, who do not understand that death or life is in the tongue (see new post on the tongue)
  • The rich who answer with insults
  • Friends who destroy each other

Nugget of Gold:  One must consider the wisdom found in this chapter that is from on high

  • Wise words are like deep waters; wisdom flows from  the wise like a bubbling brook
  • Haughtiness goes before destruction; humility precedes honor
  • Intelligent people are always ready to learn.  Their ears are open for knowledge
  • Giving a gift can open doors; it gives access to important people!
  • Flipping a coin can end arguments; it settles disputes between powerful opponents
  • Wise words satisfy like a good meal; the right words bring satisfaction
  • The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD
  • There are “friends” who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother


  1. Do you show yourself friendly or unfriendly in your neighborhood?
  2. Have you ever lash out at someone who was operating with good common sense?
  3. Do you find that you are only interested in airing your own opinions?
  4. Do you have any scandalous behavior in your past that you wish would just go away?
  5. Do you use words that cause constant quarrels?
  6. Has your mouth set any traps lately that you know will ruin you?
  7. Are you still working on the last dainty morsel of a rumor that has sunk into your heart
  8. Do you imagine that your wealth or income is a strong defense that will keep you safe?
  9. Have you ever being known for spouting off without first listening to the facts?
  10. Are your ears really open for knowledge?

If you look up the word for Strong in this chapter you will find that the Hebrew word for strong is OZE, which means strength in various applications, such as i.e.. force, security, majesty, praise, boldness, loud, mighty, power, strength, strong.

The Hebrew word OZE also had it shorten version to OZ which really surprise me seeing how the movie Wizard of OZ was a favorite as I grew up. But I wonder if this was Hollywood’s way of saying that God was a little man behind curtains, faking out others making them thing that he was all powerful and yet weak and just a man.

Of course we know better, but people who don’t know or understand the Existing One, “Jehovah” are not aware that  He is not to be played with nor to be made fun of, the consequences are staggering!  Just ask history how God dealt with societies that took him for granted.  Their high ideals crash down around them, and left them wondering what happen.

This is one of  the reasons I love to stay in Proverbs, the wisdom here continues to put me in check.

So, who are you running to for safety?

Do you recognize the need for protection from those in the list above?

OK, let me hush because,  1eb7be86834c351f00d84c3db9cf2346  It’s Prayer Time. 

Blessing on you all.

Proverbs 17 – Sensible/ Foolish People

It is the 17th of the month everyone, and we have been presented with another great day.  I hope you woke up with a song on your heart regardless of what is going on in our world.  Even if you have rain or snow I hope that you have learned how to sing or play in the rain as well as the snow.

If you are following this study then you should be studying chapter 17 of Proverbs.


Today I focused on verse 24 of this chapter, which states, “Sensible people keep their eyes glued on wisdom, but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth.” 

Theme: Sensible people, Foolish children

So, who are the sensible people and the foolish children in this chapter and what can we learn from them and what impact does that have on us today?

Key Learning: The LORD tests the heart of Sensible as well as the foolish people to check their motiveskey2success

Lesson #1: Sensible people

  • Wise servant (v.2)
  • Those who forgive a fault (v.9)
  • A person of understanding (v.10)
  • A friend who is always loyal (v.17)
  • Brother born to help in time of need (v.17)
  • Those that have cheerful hearts (v.22)
  • Sensible people (v.24)
  • The godly who are good (v.26)
  • A wise person who uses few words (v.27)
  • A person with understanding and is even-tempered (v.27)

Lesson #2: Foolish people

  • Disgraceful child (v.2)
  • Wrongdoers who eagerly listen to gossip (v.4)
  • Liars who pay close attention to slander (v.4)
  • Those who mock the poor (v.5)
  • Those who rejoice at the misfortune of others (v.5)
  • Those who dwell on a fault to long (v.9)
  • A fool (v.10, 12)
  • Evil people who are eager for rebellion (v.11)
  • A fool caught in foolishness (v.12)
  • Those who repay good with evil (v.13)
  • Those who start quarrels (v.14)
  • Those who acquit the guilty (v.15)
  • Those who condemn the innocent (v.15)
  • Those who pay to educate a fool (v.16)
  • Those who guaranteed another person’s debt (v.18)
  • Those who put up security for a friend (v.18)
  • Those who love to quarrel (v.19)
  • Those who trust in high walls (v.19)
  • Those with crooked hearts (v.20)
  • Those who use a lying tongue (v.20)
  • A rebel (v.21)
  • Those with a broken spirit (v.22)
  • The wicked that take secret bribes (v.23)
  • Those that pervert the course of justice (v.23)
  • The fool whose eyes wander to the ends of the earth (v.24)
  • Foolish children (v.25)
  • Those who punish the godly for being good (v.26)
  • Those who flog leaders for being honest (v.26)


  1. Are you a wise servant or a disgraceful son?
  2. When the LORD tests your heart what dross does the process expel?
  3. Do you find that you eagerly listen to gossip?
  4. Does slander of another cause you to listen really closely?
  5. Do you rejoice at the misfortune of others?
  6. Do you find that you spend too much time dwelling on a fault rather than forgiving it?
  7. Are the people that you associated with eager for rebellion?
  8. Have you ever repay good with evil?
  9. Do you find it hard to stop quarreling?
  10. Are you a loyal friend that can be counted on in a time of need?

Lesson #3: Nuggets of Gold: 

  • Better a dry crust eaten in peace than a house filled with feasting–and conflict (v.1)
  • Eloquent words are not fitting for a fool; even less are lies fitting for a ruler (v.7)
  • A single rebuke does more for a person of understanding than a hundred lashes on the back of a fool (v.10)
  • It is painful to be the parent of a fool; there is no joy for the father of a rebel (v.21)
  • A truly wise person uses few words; a person with understanding is even-tempered (v.27)
  • Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent; with their mouths shut, they seem intelligent (v.28)

What can we learn from them and what impact does that have on us today?application

  • We learn that the sensible people keep their eyes glued on wisdom whereas the foolish children bring grief to their fathers, and bitterness to the one who gave them birth
  • When we understand the above then we can avoid the misfortunes of the foolish child, things like losing part of their inheritance, being severely punished, being separated from their close friends, evil never leaving their house, and being detestable to the LORD

As you read this chapter I hope that you past the inspection with flying colors.  In other words I wish you true greatness!

Memory Verse:  Proverbs 17:3 “Fire tests the purity of silver and gold, but the LORD tests the heart.”

Let us pray for the cleansing power of prayer and the gift of our Savior Jesus Christ.

1eb7be86834c351f00d84c3db9cf2346   It is Prayer Time!

Proverbs 11 – Upright/Wicked Citizens

Hi everyone, we should be looking at the 11th chapter of Proverbs today on this day the 11th day of the month.

Today I believe that the Spirit pointed to verse 11 so this will be my launching pad, which states, “Upright citizens are good for a city and make it prosper, but the talk of the wicked tears it apart.”


Using this Chapter only, let’s see if we can understand who the  Upright citizens are, at the same time let’s see if we can get a handle on the wicked citizens who tear a city apart.

Key Learning:    key2success

Lesson #1: Upright Citizens bless a city by

  • Using accurate weights which is a delight to the LORD (v.1)
  • Walking in Humility which comes with wisdom (v.2)
  • Being Guided by honesty (v.3)
  • Choosing Right living which will save them on the day of judgment (v.4)
  • Walking in Godliness which will rescue them (v.6)
  • Being godly which allows them to be rescued from trouble (v.8)
  • Using godly Knowledge and they shall be rescue (v.9)
  • Succeeding in a godly way,  the whole city celebrates them (v.10)
  • Being Upright citizens which causes their city to prosper (v.11)
  • Being a Sensible person who keeps quiet rather than belittling their neighbor (v.12)
  • Being a Trustworthy person who can keep a confidence (v.13)
  • Not guaranteeing another’s debt (v.15)
  • Being kind which will be rewarded (v.17)
  • Being godly and having a reward that will last (v.18)
  • Walking in integrity which is a delight to the LORD (v.20)
  • Seeing their children go free rather than being punished (v.21)
  • Knowing that they can look forward to a reward (v.23)
  • Giving freely which causes them to be more wealthy (v.24)
  • Being generous, and by refreshing others (v.25)
  • Selling their grain in a time of need rather than hoarding it (v.26)
  • Flourishing like leaves in the spring (v.28)
  • Sowing the seeds of good deeds which leads to becoming a tree of life (v.30)
  • Being wise and winning friends (v.30)
  • Receiving their reward here on earth (v.31)

Lesson #2: The Wicked tear a city down by

  • Using dishonest scales (v.1)
  • Walking in pride which leads to them being disgraced (v.2)
  • Being dishonest which leads to them being destroyed (v.3)
  • Them thinking that riches will help them on the day of judgment (v.4)
  • Allowing their load of sin to fall on them (v.5)
  • Being trapped by their ambition (v.6)
  • Relying on their own feeble strength (v.7)
  • Being wicked which allows trouble to fall on them instead (v.8)
  • Destroying their friends with their words (v.9)
  • Being wicked, which causes the whole city that they live in to shout for joy when they die (v.10)
  • Their wicked talk which tears a city apart (v.11)
  • Belittling their neighbor, because they are foolish (v.12)
  • Going around telling secrets, because they are gossips (v.13)
  • Putting up security for a stranger’s debt (v.15)
  • Being ruthless in other to gain wealth (v.16)
  • Being cruel which destroys them (v.17)
  • Getting rich only for a moment because they are evil (v.18)
  • Being evil which leads to them finding death (v.19)
  • Having a crooked heart which is detested by the LORD (v.20)
  • Being evil which will cause them to surely be punished (v.21)
  • Lacking discretion (v.22)
  • Expecting only judgment because of their wickedness (v.23)
  • Being stingy and not giving freely, they do not give freely, they will lose everything (v.24)
  •  Not refreshing others (v.25)
  • Hoarding their grain in a time of need (v.26)
  • Searching for evil, and finding it (v.27)
  • Trusting in their money, and down they go! (v.28)
  • Bringing trouble on their families (v.29)
  • Being a fool who becomes the servant of the wise (v.29)

Think about it

  1. Is your city better for your living there or is it being torn apart because you find yourself agreeing with those who are tearing it apart just because?
  2. Are you walking in humility?
  3. Are you guided by honesty?
  4. Are you an upright citizen, and does you city reap the benefit of your standing with the LORD?
  5. Are you trustworthy?
  6. Are you a generous person?
  7. Do you give freely?
  8. Are you prideful
  9. Does your ambition trap you
  10. Are you known for destroying your friends with your words?

Your turn!  As you look at this list began asking yourself these question, “Does The LORD delight in me, if he does then I should have wisdom, be guided by honesty, living right, exhibit godliness that rescues, have knowledge that will rescue, be upright which causes my city to prosper, be sensible, be trustworthy, be gracious, be full of kindness, be rewarded for being godly, find life and many other qualities found in this chapter.

What are your thoughts?

Memory Verse:  19. “Godly people find life; evil people find death.”

1eb7be86834c351f00d84c3db9cf2346  It’s prayer time!

Proverbs 8 – Wisdom’s Hearing

Today if you have been following the same path I have, then you should be studying and praying about Chapter 8 of Proverbs.


The number 8 is significant biblically speaking, in that it represents New Beginning, it also means fence, enclosure, Inner Room, heart, private, and separate.

Let’s focus on new beginning, and heart or the inner room, were the real differences are made.

My prayer for you today is found in Ephesians 3:16-19 (NLT) which states, “I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit.  Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him.  Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep your strong.  And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is.  May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully.  Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.  In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN!”

As I prayed about and studied this chapter my focus was led to verse 8 so I will use it as the foundation to build on.  This verse states, “My advice is wholesome.  There is nothing devious or crooked in it.”

Theme:  Wisdom Calls for a Hearing 

Lesson #1: The Testimony of Wisdom

  • Everything I say is right, for I speak the truth and detest every kind of deception (v.6, 7)
  • My advice is wholesome (v.8)
  • There is nothing devious or crooked in it (v.8)
  • My words are plain to anyone with understanding, clear to those with knowledge (v.9)
  • Choose my instruction rather than silver, and knowledge rather than pure gold (v.10)
  • For wisdom is far more valuable than rubies (v.11)
  • Nothing you desire can compare with it (v.11)
  • I, Wisdom, live together with good judgment (v.12)
  • I know where to discover knowledge and discernment (v.12)
  • All who fear the LORD will hate evil (v.13)
  • Therefore, I hate pride and arrogance, corruption and perverse speech (v.13)
  • Common sense and success belong to me (v.14)
  • Insight and strength are mine (v.14)
  • Because of me, kings reign and rulers make just decrees (v.15)
  • Rulers lead with my help, and nobles make righteous judgments (v.16)
  • I love all who love me (v.17)
  • Those who search will surely find me (v.)
  • I have riches and honor, as well as enduring wealth and justice (v.18)
  • My gifts are better than gold, even the purest gold, my wages better than sterling silver! (v.19)
  • I walk in righteousness, in paths of justice (v.20)
  • Those who love me inherit wealth (v.21)
  • I will fill their treasuries (v.21)
  • The LORD formed me from the beginning, before he created anything else (v.22)
  • I was appointed in ages past, at the very first, before the earth began (v.23)
  • I was born before the oceans were created, before the springs bubbled forth their waters (v.24)
  • Before the mountains were formed, before the hills, I was born–before he had made the earth and fields and the first handfuls of soil (v.25, 26)
  • I was there when he established the heavens, when he drew the horizon on the oceans (v.27)
  • I was there when he set the clouds above, when he established springs deep in the earth (v.28)
  • I was there when he set the limits of the seas, so they would not spread beyond their boundaries (v.29)
  • And when he marked off the earth’s foundations, I was the architect at his side (v.29, 30)
  • I was his constant delight, rejoicing always in his presence (v.30)
  • And how happy I was with the world he created; how I rejoiced with the human family! (v.31)

Lesson #2:Expected Application   

  • Listen as Wisdom calls out! (v.1)
  • Hear as understanding raises her voice! (v.1)
  • Use good judgment (v.5)
  • Show some understanding (v.5)
  • Choose my instruction rather than silver, and knowledge rather than pure gold (v.10)
  • Those who search will surely find me (v.17)
  • Those who love me inherit wealth (v.21)
  • So listen to me my Children, for all who follow my ways are joyful (v.32)
  • Listen to my instruction and be wise (v.33)
  • Don’t ignore it (v.33)


Lesson #3: Positive outcome of Applying lesson #2

  • My words are plain to anyone with understanding, clear to those with knowledge (v.9)
  • All who fear the LORD will hate evil (v.13)
  • Common sense and success belong to me(Wisdom) (v.14)
  • Insight and strength are mine(Wisdom) (v.14)
  • Because of me(Wisdom), kings reign, and rulers make just decrees (v.15)
  • Rulers lead with my(Wisdom) help, and nobles make righteous judgments (v.16)
  • I love all who love me (v.17)
  • Those who search will surely find me (v.17)
  • I(Wisdom) have riches and honor, as well as enduring wealth and justice (v.18)
  • Those who love me inherit wealth.  I will fill their treasuries (v.21)
  • All who follow my(Wisdom) ways are joyful (v.32)
  • Joyful are those who listen to me, watching for me daily at my gates, waiting for me outside my home! (v.34)
  • For whoever finds me finds life and receives favor from the LORD (v.35)

Lesson #4: Negative outcome of not applying lesson #2

  • But those who miss me injure themselves (v.36)
  • All who hate me love death (v.36)

Lesson #5: 4 Reasons you should listen to Wisdom according to (verses 32-35)

  1. All who follow Wisdom’s ways are joyful
  2. If you will listen to Wisdom’s instruction then you will be wise. Don’t ignore Wisdom’s instruction
  3. Joyful are those who listen to Wisdom watching for her daily at her gates waiting for her outside her home!
  4. For whoever finds Wisdom finds life and receives favor from the LORD

Lastly, verse 36 states that, “those who miss me injure themselves.  All who hate me love death.”

Now that is enough to call all of us to prayer time.  I do not want to miss Wisdom and injure myself.

1eb7be86834c351f00d84c3db9cf2346  Let’s Pray now!