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My Miscellaneous Posts that you just might find interesting

Acts 4


From the Jar – The First Statement

From the Jar – Do not covet

From the Jar – Thou Shalt not Steal

From the Jar – Testify Falsely

From the Jar – Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

From the Jar – Do Not Murder

From the Jar – Honor Your Father And Mother

From the Jar – Keeping the Sabbath

From the Jar – Misuse of God’s Name

From the Jar – Consider This


Live Bountifully

Why I Practice The Power of Prayer

What or Who guides your Life?


From the JAR – The 10 Commandments Study Intro

Fill Me Up Please! I Need Your Strength

Grow Stronger or Weaker, You Choose!

The 5 One Anothers

Questions Regarding Overflowing Love

God and Man pt. 5

God and Man pt. 4

God and Man pt. 3



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