Focus On The D’s

Some are causing their own distress and unnecessary stress in that they have followed the wrong pattern which starts with focus or the lack there of.  When one looses focus they can expect to become direction less, and then comes distractions which leads straight into disappointment.  Once one becomes dishearten, then you experience discouragement and the apprehension causes one to become dismayed.  And of course this leads one to fail and began to disobey which will cause one to loose any honor that had existed which will caused them to be disgraced and of course they will be dismissed and lastly, they will be in distress. Such is the case of the ten spies who were part to the twelve that went in to spy out the land before the children of Israel would move in and occupy the land. The ten leaders lose their focus and ended up losing their status and their lives for focusing on the wrong things.  They chose to focus on the people of the land rather than keeping their eyes on the Great I Am.

This book will examine the D’s that cause the fall of these great men and perhaps we can learn for them the things we should not focus on and in whom we should place our trust. This is Focus on the D’s!

This is Focus on the D’s in it’s rawest form, which starts with Focus or the lack there of, then the D’s:

This is where we will begin looking at each of these D’s and we will investigate solutions to these positions from a godly standpoint.
So Let’s get started.

Before I continue on I would like to take a moment to dedicate my thoughts to my Mother the greatest lady I have ever known. She taught me how to focus like a laser beam especially on God. My wife who taught me to focus on love, family, togetherness, friendship and most important of, father God in heaven. Lastly, my very good friend Dean Eckoff who passed away just a few days ago. Dean kept me focus on writing these thoughts down and sharing them with the world. I am so thankful for the impact that you all had on my life. Lastly, but the not the least is my best friend and lover, of course I am speaking of my wife. This woman has stood by my side for many years and she has never fail me nor has she forsaken me in any way.  She taught me what real love is by her forgiving nature when I got it wrong.

Ok, let’s get started with the first term Focus!


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