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Proverbs 11 – Upright/Wicked Citizens

Hi everyone, we should be looking at the 11th chapter of Proverbs today on this day the 11th day of the month.

Today I believe that the Spirit pointed to verse 11 so this will be my launching pad, which states, “Upright citizens are good for a city and make it prosper, but the talk of the wicked tears it apart.”


Using this Chapter only, let’s see if we can understand who the  Upright citizens are, at the same time let’s see if we can get a handle on the wicked citizens who tear a city apart.

Key Learning:    key2success

Lesson #1: Upright Citizens bless a city by

  • Using accurate weights which is a delight to the LORD (v.1)
  • Walking in Humility which comes with wisdom (v.2)
  • Being Guided by honesty (v.3)
  • Choosing Right living which will save them on the day of judgment (v.4)
  • Walking in Godliness which will rescue them (v.6)
  • Being godly which allows them to be rescued from trouble (v.8)
  • Using godly Knowledge and they shall be rescue (v.9)
  • Succeeding in a godly way,  the whole city celebrates them (v.10)
  • Being Upright citizens which causes their city to prosper (v.11)
  • Being a Sensible person who keeps quiet rather than belittling their neighbor (v.12)
  • Being a Trustworthy person who can keep a confidence (v.13)
  • Not guaranteeing another’s debt (v.15)
  • Being kind which will be rewarded (v.17)
  • Being godly and having a reward that will last (v.18)
  • Walking in integrity which is a delight to the LORD (v.20)
  • Seeing their children go free rather than being punished (v.21)
  • Knowing that they can look forward to a reward (v.23)
  • Giving freely which causes them to be more wealthy (v.24)
  • Being generous, and by refreshing others (v.25)
  • Selling their grain in a time of need rather than hoarding it (v.26)
  • Flourishing like leaves in the spring (v.28)
  • Sowing the seeds of good deeds which leads to becoming a tree of life (v.30)
  • Being wise and winning friends (v.30)
  • Receiving their reward here on earth (v.31)

Lesson #2: The Wicked tear a city down by

  • Using dishonest scales (v.1)
  • Walking in pride which leads to them being disgraced (v.2)
  • Being dishonest which leads to them being destroyed (v.3)
  • Them thinking that riches will help them on the day of judgment (v.4)
  • Allowing their load of sin to fall on them (v.5)
  • Being trapped by their ambition (v.6)
  • Relying on their own feeble strength (v.7)
  • Being wicked which allows trouble to fall on them instead (v.8)
  • Destroying their friends with their words (v.9)
  • Being wicked, which causes the whole city that they live in to shout for joy when they die (v.10)
  • Their wicked talk which tears a city apart (v.11)
  • Belittling their neighbor, because they are foolish (v.12)
  • Going around telling secrets, because they are gossips (v.13)
  • Putting up security for a stranger’s debt (v.15)
  • Being ruthless in other to gain wealth (v.16)
  • Being cruel which destroys them (v.17)
  • Getting rich only for a moment because they are evil (v.18)
  • Being evil which leads to them finding death (v.19)
  • Having a crooked heart which is detested by the LORD (v.20)
  • Being evil which will cause them to surely be punished (v.21)
  • Lacking discretion (v.22)
  • Expecting only judgment because of their wickedness (v.23)
  • Being stingy and not giving freely, they do not give freely, they will lose everything (v.24)
  •  Not refreshing others (v.25)
  • Hoarding their grain in a time of need (v.26)
  • Searching for evil, and finding it (v.27)
  • Trusting in their money, and down they go! (v.28)
  • Bringing trouble on their families (v.29)
  • Being a fool who becomes the servant of the wise (v.29)

Think about it

  1. Is your city better for your living there or is it being torn apart because you find yourself agreeing with those who are tearing it apart just because?
  2. Are you walking in humility?
  3. Are you guided by honesty?
  4. Are you an upright citizen, and does you city reap the benefit of your standing with the LORD?
  5. Are you trustworthy?
  6. Are you a generous person?
  7. Do you give freely?
  8. Are you prideful
  9. Does your ambition trap you
  10. Are you known for destroying your friends with your words?

Your turn!  As you look at this list began asking yourself these question, “Does The LORD delight in me, if he does then I should have wisdom, be guided by honesty, living right, exhibit godliness that rescues, have knowledge that will rescue, be upright which causes my city to prosper, be sensible, be trustworthy, be gracious, be full of kindness, be rewarded for being godly, find life and many other qualities found in this chapter.

What are your thoughts?

Memory Verse:  19. “Godly people find life; evil people find death.”

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