Proverbs 27 – Wise/Critics

Good morning all my love ones and I do mean you family, friends and anyone else reading this post.  Blessings on you all for taking time to read my humble thoughts.

For my foundation today I would like to present verse 11 which states, “Be wise, my child, and make my heart glad.  Then I will be able to answer my critics.”

Theme: Be wise and don’t give the critics a reason to insult your father because of your behavior

You might see this as Father God talking to us, and the number one critic is Satan.


So! How can we be wise and at the same time give Father God the ammunition that he needs to answer the critical observations of us?  Remember how our enemy railed against the man named Job?  If you are not familiar with Job just turn left in your Bible two books before Proverbs and read about this great man of God.

Lesson #1: 23 Ways to be wise and to stop the mouth of critics

  1. Don’t brag about tomorrow, since you don’t know what the day will bring (v.1)
  2. Let someone else praise you, not your own mouth–a stranger, not your own lips (v.2)
  3. Don’t be like the fool who causes resentment (v.3)
  4. Beware of anger and wrath (v.4)
  5. Beware of jealousy it is even more dangerous than anger and wrath (v.4)
  6. Don’t practice hidden love, an open rebuke is better (v.5)
  7. Listen to your sincere friends assessment of you (v.6)
  8. Don’t stray from home (v.8)
  9. Listen to the heartfelt counsel of a friend (v.9)
  10. Never abandon a friend, either yours or your father’s (v.10)
  11. Be a prudent person who foresees danger and takes precautions (v.12)
  12. Don’t be like the simpleton who goes blindly on and suffers the consequences (v.12)
  13. Get security from someone who guarantees a stranger’s debt (v.13)
  14. Get a deposit from those who guarantees a foreigners debt (v.13)
  15. Be careful in being loud and cheerful early in the morning this could be taken as a curse (v.14)
  16. Don’t be annoying like a quarrelsome and complaining wife (v.15)
  17. Allow your friend to sharpen you like iron sharpens iron (v.17)
  18. Be like the employee who protects their employer’s interests, there is a reward in store for you (v.18)
  19. Be aware of what your heart really reflects, just like a face is reflected in water (v.19)
  20. Beware human desire, it is never satisfied (v.20)
  21. Understand that you are tested every time someone praises you (v.21)
  22. Don’t be like the fools who cannot be separated from their foolishness (v.22)
  23. Understand that riches don’t last forever, so know the state of your flocks,  and put your heart into caring for your herds (v.23, 24)


  • Do you find yourself bragging about what you will get done tomorrow?
  • Are you known as one who pats themselves on the back regarding all the great things you have accomplished?
  • How do you handle jealousy?
  • Do you appreciate the heartfelt counsel of your friends?
  • When disaster strikes do you abandon your friends or do you act like a real brother or sister?

This chapter presented us with many aspects that we need to consider prayerfully.  As you study this chapter even more you will begin to see areas that you may want to consider working on even harder.

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Memory Verse:  Proverbs 27:12 “A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.  The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

Number 11 from the above list really strikes a cord in my heart, I mean that I really need to pray about this area even more.  With that said,  It’s Prayer Time! 1eb7be86834c351f00d84c3db9cf2346


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