Why I Practice The Power of Prayer

I practiced the power of prayer because I really needed help in accomplishing the purpose of my life.  By the way, I did not really know what my purpose was other than existing day to day.

After really practicing the Power of Prayer I realize that my primary purpose was to first and foremost search for God and seek his will for my life and then bring him praise and worship.

I practice the power of prayer because I didn’t know God’s purpose for me in these areas of my life:

  • Family
  • Financial
  • Career
  • Physical and health
  • Social and cultural
  • Spiritual and ethical

I did not even think about these areas until after I was marry and our first born child was a teenager, yikes!

How does one go from a an unimpressive kid who dropped out of school at the eleventh grade, from Fort Worth Texas, go on to becoming a military member with over 20 years of service, retiring with distinguish service awards, to Century 21 Real Estate agent, to Janitor, to Lead sales Associate, to Computer and Video Director responsible for 4 campus for a major university, to Director of housing responsible for three division within a community action agency, who with the help of his team won 2 million dollar projects to build affordable homes in two different counties in Missouri, to an adjunct professor with over 10 years of service, to youth leader to youth pastor with over 20 years of successes and failures in helping others to raise their children in to spiritual mature and successful adults.

How does one become accomplish in all these things when ones start in life is so meager and unimpressive?  By practicing the Power of Prayer.

Prayer defined

Prayer is asking and receiving, it is talking with God, and it’s making your request known unto Him in faith

Prayer is asking and receiving when you do not know the will of God regarding a need, whether it be material or spiritual

Power defined

The same power that raised Christ from the dead is available to help us with our daily problems.  When you feel weak and limited, don’t despair.  Remember that God can give you strength.  The Power that controls creation and raises the dead is available to you. (Note on Psalms 29:10, 11 pg. 976  Life Application Study Bible)