From the Jar – The Ten Commandments (1st Statement)

Exodus 20:3

You should have no other gods before me

Thus, God made this his first commandment and emphasized it more than the others
Today we can allow certain values to become gods to us:
– money
– fame
– work
– pleasure

these things can become gods when we concentrate too much on them for meaning and security

No one sets out with the intention of worshipping these things
But with the amount of time they occupy in our lives, they can grow into gods that ultimately control our thoughts and energies
Letting God hold the central place in our lives keeps those things from turning into gods**

Jesus and the 10 Commandments
“Get out of here, Satan,” Jesus told him. “For the Scriptures say, ‘You must worship the Lord your God and serve only him.’ ”
Matthew 4:10 NLT

1. What have you allow to become lord and master in your life?
2. What do you find yourself allotting huge amounts of time to?
3. Compare the time you take with God and the time you spend with __________, is it out of proportion?
4. Does God really hold a central place in your life? Why or Why not?
5. What does your life really show, God in control or You in control?
6. What do you find yourself bowing down to when no one else is looking?

**Thoughts from Life Application Study Bible Notes on Exodus 20:1-5, page 145


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