God and Man pt. 3

3. Man’s response to God[i]

Is kept safe (Pr. 29:25).  Literally, “to be inaccessibly high or exalted.”  The word carries the idea of being kept, out of reach of danger.

Proverbs exhorts us to fear the Lord and to trust the Lord.  Why should we fear Him?

  • Pr. 10:27
  • Pr. 14:26
  • Pr. 19:23

Why should we trust Him?

  • Pr. 3:5-6
  • Pr. 28:25
  • Pr. 29:25

What does it mean to both fear and trust the Lord at the same time?

Proverbs indicates that another important responsibility believers have is to deal properly with those people who have been offensive or unfair to them.

  1. How should we respond to those who have done us wrong (Pr. 20:22)?
  2. How should we respond to our enemies?
    • Pr. 24:17-18
    • Pr. 25:21-22
  3. What may result for the believer who pleases God (Pr. 16:7)

[i] Pg. 53 of A life-changing encounter with God’s Word from the book of Proverb, by the Navigators, copyrighted 1990 by the Navigators, ISBN 978-0-89109-348-0


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