God and Man pt. 2

2. God’s dealings with man[i]

God has provided His Word to ensure that man has all the knowledge he needs to enjoy proper fellowship with God.  What do you learn about God’s Word from Pr. 30:5-6?

Crucible… furnace (Pr. 17:3).  These were used to remove impurities from gold and silver.

Lamp of the LORD (Pr. 20:27).  “A lamp carried from room to room, and flashed into the darkest corners.”

God does not merely look upon the things men do outwardly.  What else does He do?

  • 16:2
  • 17:3
  • 20:27

Adds no trouble (Pr. 10:22).  In contrast to the trouble God brings on those who gain wealth by unjust or unfair means.

According to these proverbs, how does God deal with people?

  • 2:7-8
  • Pr. 10:3, 22

[i] Pg. 52 of A life-changing encounter with God’s Word from the book of Proverb, by the Navigators, copyrighted 1990 by the Navigators, ISBN 978-0-89109-348-0


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