Prove It!


John the Baptist called people to more than words or ritual; he told them to change their behavior.

“Prove by the way you live that you have repented of your sins” means that God looks beyond our words and religious activities to see if our conduct backs up what we say, and he judges our words by the actions that accompany them.

Do your actions match your words?

***  Thoughts from Life Application Study Bible Devotions, 3 June 20 15  ***

I once walk contrary to what I said and it made me look like the fool that I was.  I proclaim the gospel and lived like hell.  No brag just facts that I am ashamed of.  I understand the author’s point painfully because I lived this out in a very shameful way.  When I finally fell to my knees, God really blessed me with a different spirit.  I owe him such a great debt, because he did not destroy me and that is what I deserved, rather he gave me new life and put me to work. Anytime that I even winked at sin, I was reminded of the price that God paid for my freedom, He stretch the Lord Jesus over a cross and allowed him to died for my sins, even though he did not deserve to died this way.  I know now that God does not take His son’s death lightly.  It is with gratefulness that I tell you this because God restored me to the family of God and I know that he can do the same for you if you will just humble yourself and trust Him to do for you what He did for me.  Don’t make Him show you what you really are like, He did me.  When He showed me what I was really like, it made me ill, I thought that I was all that and then some, only to find out that I was none of that and even worst. 
If you are sitting in a church, and you claim to be all that and then some, a bag chips, a pepsi with a twist of lemon, then

Prove it by your actions not just your words.  Don’t let the Watcher of men find you lacking, I did and it was not pretty the things that I went through.  I’m change now but only because God love me enough to take me to the wood shed whip my behind and to correct my behavior, which, in turn straighten my path out. I am now on the right path and hopefully I don’t need another wood shed moment.  The wood shed is not fun, neither is disrespecting God.

Prove It Brothers and Sister, don’t just talk it 


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