Pointing the Finger In the Wrong Direction


Hosea 4:4 NLT
“Don’t point your finger at someone else and try to pass the blame! My complaint, you priests, is with you.

We often blame others if we fear punishment for wrongdoing.

Hosea warned the priests not to blame anyone else; the nation’s sins were largely their fault.

Israel’s priests pointed out the people’s sins, but God would not allow them to overlook their own irresponsible actions.

Instead of instructing the nation in religion and morality, they had led the way toward idolatry and immorality.

Their failure to lead the people in God’s ways placed most of the blame for Israel’s destruction on them.

Knowing that God will not allow us to blame others for our sinfulness should cause us to admit our own sins.

We are responsible for our own sinful actions.

Beware of the tendency to blame others because it can keep you from feeling the need to repent.

***  Thoughts From Life Application Study Bible Devotions, 25 May 2015  ***


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