Waiting for Perfect Conditions and Inactivity



Waiting for perfect conditions will mean inactivity.
This practical insight is especially applicable to our spiritual life.
If we wait for the perfect time and place for personal Bible reading, we will never begin.
If we wait for a perfect church, we will never join.
If we wait for the perfect ministry, we will never serve.
Take steps now to grow spiritually.
Don’t wait for conditions that may never exist.

***  Thoughts from Life Application Study Bible Devotions, 6 April 2015  ***

I gave up a very long time ago looking for a perfect time, place, church, and ministry to make that change that was so needed.
You may have been hurt by that imperfect church or perhaps that imperfect person who said god awful things to you.  Or perhaps that imperfect person did something to you that hurt you so bad that you said until I find the perfect church or ministry I am never going to church again.

Let me be the first to share with you that there is no such thing as a perfect church nor is there a perfect ministry.
Many ministries would like for you to believe that they are the perfect ministry, but I am afraid that is not totally true because there still exist in those supposedly perfect ministries that one imperfect person who will most assuredly say something out of the way to you or even do something out of the way to you that will ruin your experience,  Sorry! 

That is just the way it is in this imperfect world of our.  That is why we need a Saviour and a God that delivers  us us from evil and imperfect people and imperfect ministry.
We must begin looking for God in these imperfect situations to stand up and be God all by Himself.  When you focus on Man instead of God you are doom to forever see only the imperfect situations rather than what God can do with a broken or imperfect situation.

Remember that God used cracked pots to change the world.  Cracked pots like Saul who became Paul and wrote most of the New Testament in the best seller in all the world, The Bible.
How about that Cracked pot Mary who was 16 and engage to be marry and found herself expecting before her marriage, she gave birth to the son of God.  Jesus change our status with God by becoming the Lamb of God and taking on our sin so that we might have right standing with God the Father
You can’t forget the Cracked Pot fisherman who betrayed Jesus on the very day that Jesus really needed a real friend. This Cracked pot ran away at first but the Lord was able to convince him to be filled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  This Cracked pot stood up and proclaimed Jesus when it was not popular to do so and 3000 people made a decision for Christ that same day.

It is not about perfect, it is about allowing God to use your brokenness in imperfect situations.  He can flow through you such an anointing that can and will shake those imperfect situations for his Glory.  Will you plow the ground today and prepare for the amazing harvest that can only come  from the user of cracked pots?  Quit Waiting and Get busy, You are needed!   

From one Cracked Pot to another!


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