Our Padre retreat

20140730_173722 The wind mills
I was instantly propel back to the time I spent with my grandchildren in Germany, when we would wonder around these majestic, towering wonders that slice the wind with the greatest of ease. We would walk around these towers wondering what it would be like to view life from their perspective.  I could not take my eyes off these great wonders
The bridge
Before we got to the bridge, we had no idea what to expect other than a regular low bridge that just went shortly across a body of water.  Surprise! the bridge over the Gulf of Mexico was very high and magnificent, it made me feel like a child in a candy store.  The view was wonderful and very vivid, I began to wonder what to expect and what would we really see on this truly spectacular island.
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DSCN0335 The beach
It  just begged me to come and walk it, and to play on it, like some innocent little child, even to lay down on it.  It was just plain old beautiful, I promise you.
The gulf’s body of water
At first sight overwhelm me, I have not been at the ocean’s edge in a very long time and I had forgotten the beauty and magnificent of such a sight
DSCN0303 Walking on the beach
Made me feel like a child again even though I had never had the opportunity to walk on beaches when I was a child.  Yet it seem that I was born to do just that, walk and walk some more.
Looking for Dolphins
This was the reason that I found myself on a ship looking high and low for these elusive creatures.  I had no idea how this would impact my especially being able to hold some of God’s creatures in my hands.   Watching the waves roll under the ship which in turn cause the ship to rise and fall rather uncomfortably for me which was sheer joy and panic at the same time.  I realize that there was more water than I could possibly drink and the you know that first step into this drink would be a really deep plunge. At the same time I was afraid yet I had a rush  excelration that said scared but excited at the same time



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The fireworks
Lit up the beach and the terrace that we were setting on.  It was the first time that we have ever set right under this beautiful display that seemed to be right over us.  I thought for sure that we would feel the fain of sparks on our head, but we didn’t.  Wow!  What a show, it was right there in living color
The security guard
Stop by our room while we were talking about the days activity. The guard stop to insist that we close our room doors completely to ensure that we stay safe.  This reminded me that with the beauty comes a hint of danger,   For me this was minimal compared to the beauty of this wonderful resort


DSCN0358  DSCN0361 The food
Was hit and miss but a bright spot for us was the Hilton In Garden restaurant, the food and service was great!  The prices were very reasonable considering where we were. It prove to be most affordable so far.
The turtles
The turtles and the facts regarding them really caught me off guard.  I had no idea that sea turtles ate jelly fish. It was really hard to believe that a sea turtle would eat a plastic bag thinking that it was a jelly fish and then it would work really hard it trying to bass that bag through it’s system.  There’s a thought, plastic poo. A plastic bottle floated by us while we aboard the ship looking for Dolphins on the open water of the Gulf of Mexico .  I really wonder what was wrong with people who refuse to pick up their own trash.  
I really hope we humans don’t ruin this wonderful place with our lack of concern for preserving this beautiful place.
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Misc. things that we saw

Of course we saw so many different things that one must go there and look for oneself.  But just seeing the coast, the birds, the ships, the beach, the people, the shopping, the restaurants, the buildings, the water, lots of it, the windmills and so many other things, just overwhelm my eye gates, but in such a wonderful way.  You have to see this place for yourself to understand why I sat down to write about my experiences on South Padre Island